Psychology Are You Hearing Voices Or Is It Big Brother
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Psychology Are You Hearing Voices Or Is It Big Brother

A fantastical story about a sister whose estranged brother has come under the influence of a Greek imp or so the excitable woman thinks. Psychology are you hearing voices or is it big brother.

This story is based on fact.  Actually, I am publishing it here to help those who might think that they are hearing voices and are running off to be treated by psychiatrists.  To complain about hearing voices to a non medical dispenser is harmless unless they refer you to a psychiatrist.  The dire predictions are that these games being played in the politico - psycho culture that we are currently in could cause millions of people to be treated for psychotic hallucinatory symptoms of hearing voices when they are just the funny bugs being deployed by bored psycho-political agents.  This is my story and some of it is rather delightful.   But, and in this case "but means except", you will have to read to the end of this article to find out how the story of the Eloustines fits in with our big brother.  Or, else, it won't make any sense.

Several years ago, I discovered that my big brother was involved in playing KOUKOUMA. Now that is not a nice game to play. It involves the conjuring up of the Eloustines. These are demonic women with feet like goats. They are not fairies. Their origins are not clear but some of these women have actually married human men.

Trust me you do not want to meet one of these immortal fiends. The pencil drawing that you see here is one of a famous story where their victim lived to tell about their attack. As you can see they do not have wings and are human in face and figure. Their conscience is on the level of an imp and their sense of humor is atrocious. My brother claims that he married one of them and that is why he has become diabolical. I think that he just uses that as an excuse to get away with torturing everybody in the family. He has the second in the family complex. He isn’t the oldest, my sister is. He isn’t the smartest, I am. Do you know what he would do if he knew that I drew that little picture that you are looking at. He would send his wife in funky Turkish boots made to look like Eloustines hoofed feet and pretend to be demonic ghosts making all kinds of strange voices around the house. If you went to a therapist and told him, he would say you are schizophrenic and you’re not because you are older than thirteen the age schizophrenia has to be diagnosed and well past eighteen. And, anyway, you and I know, its big brother. Now, what do I mean by big brother? Am I nuts or am 1984 George Orwell. Neither one nor the other. I mean that I am neither nuts nor am I playing on George Orwell’s futuristic novel although the comparison to my big brother’s actually he is my older brother and God help me I have two older brothers. The oldest one is married to one of those diabolical imps.

I met one of these Eloustines when I visited my island.. She was standoffish at first since Eloustines only like to taunt men. The scene here is of one jumping on a man’s back. Men are powerless in the company of Eloustines. And men who are unfortunate enough to get married to one of them are under their control. Other women who may have a relationship to these men like wives, daughters, sisters, etc. are targeted by these imps as foes for no other reason than that thy are women and could have some influence on the man they have married and are planning on making a gift to in time. To the devil.

Just how do Eloustines fit in with the game of KouKouMa well, it’s really not simple at all. A group of women dressed in costume gather at night and form a huge circle. In the center of the circle they light a fire of wood from a tree called a Meeakee

It looks like birch. On top of the logs is placed a heart cut from a goat if they want to take over the mind of a man or the heart of lamb if they want to take over the mind of a woman. The chanting is ritualistic and ancient. It has nothing to do with Christianity or with the devil. These women existed before Christ and before Genesis even was written.

Well when I discovered what he and his Eloustina were doing I went to an important person for help. When he went to investigate them, the Eloustina, his wife conjured him. She has no effect on me because I was touched by a real Eloustina not a pretender playing KOUKOUMA. Koukouma is the game of women pretending to be Eloustines and doing things to their target that are unconscionable; all in the name of being like an Eloustina.

I tried to free her from her affliction in church one Sunday by offering her daughter my goddaughter a necklace made of real freshwater pearls. The daughter being what she is not all that bright and ignorant of freshwater pearls took them happily. The mother when she saw them swore an oath. Eloustines live near the ocean; freshwater reminds them of wells and underground springs. Fresh water thrown on an Eloustina causes them to shrivel up and that is how they were killed by the men whom they had been torturing for eons.

Let us just say that I want everyone to know what she is doing. And really to give a warning. Never do what I did. Never ask for help against one of these Koukouma players and never go to their assistance, ever.

Trust me if you know the difference between strange and eerie voices coming out of cars and houses, and that they are not coming from inside your head. If you can make that distinction, you are not psychotic. You are being targeted by Big Brother and his demonic band of KOUKOUMA players.

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