How to Overcome Stage Fear Easily?
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How to Overcome Stage Fear Easily?

What causes stage fear? Why is stagefear caused? What are the steps to overcome stage phobia? How can you get rid of stagefear very easily? It is not that hard phobia to overcome unlike snake phobia. Practice makes man perfect. This suits well for getting rid of stagefear. Presentations can actually help develop your personality. Giving several presentations can actually help induce confidence in your.

Stagefear is a phobia most commonly seen in introverts. Failure is only for the one who tries. So, dare to go on the stage and get used to it. Don't worry if it is a failure. You will soon overcome it by constant practice. Stage fear is one of the most common fear prevailing mostly among students and professionals. Students who find it very difficult to give presentation infront of the whole class can follow these steps to overcome stage fright easily.

  • If you are the one who is very conservative and too shy who never or rarely interacts in class, first come out of it slowly by making friends. Make atleast half the classmates known to you so that you can present the topic without fear as you will feel at ease to are present it infront of your friends.
  • The major thing you find so hard to do is to ease yourself and get a comfortable position while standing. Do practice it infront of the mirror and you will find which position best suits you and try to stand in that way when you give presentation.
  • The next thing is you should be aware of your topic very well. If any doubts are thrown, you should be able to tackle that.
  • Take care of your personality. Your dressing, your attitude, your way of presentation, everything matters!
  • You will be able to present if you have prepared well. But audience should be able to listen to your presentation for even hours. They will listen to you only if you look pleasant and presentable.
  • Doing several stage presentations can help you throw away your stage fear.
  • Do present it infront of a gang of friends or infront of the mirror. Rehearse several times until you get confidence to rock your presentation.
  • Ask your friends to find negative things in you so that you can improve it. May be the posture or grammatical mistake.
  • If you feel trembling when you get on the stage, try to stop showing your fear out. Don't concentrate much on your fear, you'll tend to forget the topic you have prepared.

Practice with confidence. Don't feel inferior to others. Everyone has started the same way as you are now. The main tip is to think that no one is infront of you and just try to do it as if you are practicing it alone in your home. Other tip is to just see the walls in the class(people will think that you are seeing them) and give the presentation. Just be yourself and try to give as much information as you can. People are most interested in listening to facts and information than in lectures.

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Stage fear can be overcome by practice. Thank you Lavanya. Glad to see you after long. Voted.

Eagerly waiting for your post. Please try more Lavanya. I am always in your friendship and support.

Please do not be discouraged in any way. Hope to see your article soon. Always in your support.