How to Get Over Ornithophobia: Your Fear of Birds
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How to Get Over Ornithophobia: Your Fear of Birds

The fear of birds is a very real fear for many people. Here are a couple of simple ways for you to easily get over your fear of birds which is known as ornithophobia.

Many people have a fear of birds which is known as ornithophobia.  The fact is that ornithophobia is a very real fear.  For many people with the fear of birds, this is just a fear.  For many others, there is a real reason for this fear.  People have many fears in their lives, and they have these fears for several different reasons.

Ornithophobia causes many serious symptoms.  You may find that your heart starts beating really fast and that it is hard to breathe.  You may suddenly feel dizzy or begin sweating excessively. Other symptoms caused by ornithophobia include not being able to speak or think clearly.  You may also experience other symptoms including nausea, dry mouth, shaking,  just plain feeling sick, or even feeling that you might die.

If you have a fear of birds, the first thing that you need to do is to figure out why you have this fear and if this is a fear that you can easily overcome.  Birds come in all sizes.  They come in many colors and in many different species.  Surely, you cannot go through life fearing all birds.  It may be that your fear of birds is simply from watching scary movies.  Many people are not too scared to watch scary movies.  However, these movies may bring fears into their lives.  After watching a scary movie, some people are suddenly afraid of whatever that movie was about.

There have been several movies where birds have attacked people.  If you find that this is where your fear of birds is coming from, you can rest assured that this fear will eventually fade away all on it's own.  It may be wise for you not to watch Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds, though.  This movie is about birds attacking people.

After all, you have probably seen other scary movies that have not affected you or raised any new fears for you to get over.  For instance, if you have watched a movie about someone being attacked while they were walking in the dark, you were probably still not afraid to go outside and walk in the dark.  Think about the other scary movies that you have watched in your life.  It is important for you to realize that these movies do not frighten you with other aspects in your normal everyday life.  This will certainly help you out with getting over your fear of birds.

Another thing to consider here is that many people really have been attacked by birds.  This is a reality.  If you have ever been attacked by a bird, you need to realize that this is something that is not that common.  Most likely, this will never happen to you again.  It is important for you to realize that you were probably only being attacked by this bird because there was a nest near you, and this bird was just protecting it's eggs or babies.

Mother birds really will attack you if they think that you are going to harm their babies in any way.  It really does hurt getting pecked right on your head over and over again.  Just as you would do anything to protect your young, birds will also do anything to protect their eggs or babies whether they are in their nests or not.  The fact is that it is always a wise decision never to get too close to a baby bird or a bird's nest.  You may not even realize that you are getting too close to a bird's nest.  The mother bird will be there to let you know that you are getting too close.  Take her words of warning, and simply back off.

Once you understand these two things common reasons for having a fear of birds, you should be able to quickly get over your own fear of birds.

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Comments (21)

You have shared such valuable information with everyone through your well presented article. Thank you.

Great article on fear of birds. My daughter got pooped on her head by a bird, so that is what she now fears.

An interesting insight about this disorder. For me birds are among the cutest animals to exclude the vulture of course.

Great article and very educational; thank you!

Good article on this phobia.

Very nice! I even learned a new word: Ornithophobia!

Excellent informative article. Great job on this one.

Great information. I don't have this but I do have a friend who has a fear of feathers, slightly different than this, I think. Excellent article, buzzing up :D

Voted up. Great article

What an unusual subject and you reported it very well.

you remind me of Hitchcock's movie the Bird. no wonder people fear birds...

Do you know this from experience?

Yes! I have the habit of getting attacked by birds. It really does hurt getting pecked on the head, too! I guess I just happen to get too close to their nests without realizing it. Two of my daughters have also had this problem due to bird's building nests out on their front porches. Thanks for asking, James!

I've never known this to happen!

I had a friend who suffered terribly from this phobia. Great information Christine.

Wow great article! Thanks!

i'm just so scared of birds, i cant TAKE it anymore man!!!

Stopping by to read your information once more.

Coming back to Digg this article.

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I actually know someone who has this phobia.