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Phobias & Fears
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The fear of birds is a very real fear for many people. Here are a couple of simple ways for you to easily get over your fear of birds which is known as ornithophobia.
Published by Christine Rogacki 94 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +19 votes | 21 comments
Each culture has a historical, religious, phonetic, cultural, or linguistic reason for having unlucky numbers. Here are a few examples of this type of numerophobia.
Published by Dustin LaBarge 107 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +13 votes | 13 comments
Phobias have captured the imagination of the popular consciousness. This is a short list of a few of the more entertaining irrational paranoias.
Published by Dustin LaBarge 107 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +11 votes | 8 comments
Alphabetic list of phobias
Published by Cashlash 89 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +8 votes | 7 comments
Arachnophobia is a term that relates to the unnatural fear of spiders. Spider phobias can paralyze us with fear, if we are truly phobic. We can get rid of our fears by deconditioning our responses to them.
Published by Charlene Collins 95 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +7 votes | 7 comments
Numerophobia represents the fear of numbers. Also known as arithmophobia, this phobia is a construct that has its origins in calendars, math, and the way we choose to utilize numbers.
Published by Dustin LaBarge 108 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +8 votes | 6 comments
Ophidiophobia is known to be the fear of snakes. It comes from two greek words, “ophis” meaning snakes and “phobos”, which is fear in English. All animals have the natural instinct with regards to threat and dangers of the wild. Even humans have some kind of a natural behavior towards snakes, which is perhaps one of the reasons why there is such a thing as ophidiophobia. Of course, there are other exceptions to this kind of theory since many people are not afraid of snakes.
Published by Rosita Barbo 104 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +8 votes | 5 comments
Facial blushing is an emotional response which can be due to some triggering factors like embarrassment, shyness, low self-esteem or other more. The blushing happens because of the increase blood flow to the face.
Published by Rosita Barbo 105 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +9 votes | 5 comments
If you are afraid of time, or the passing of time, then chances are you have developed Chronophobia. The etymology of the word Chronophobia is greek, wherein “chronos” is the greek word for time and “phobos” for fear.
Published by Rosita Barbo 105 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +15 votes | 5 comments
Men who can't get close may have painful childhood memories that continue to hound them. These guys find it hard to trust other people because of such memories, including their partners. They fear that if they get too involved, they end up broken heart. To know some of the common traumatic childhood problems that make a man hold back from loving, read more...
Published by Jessie Agudo 105 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +5 votes | 5 comments
Bad hair day? Suffering from permanent social anxiety? Whatever the reason here are some facts and tips to help you avoid contact with other human beings
Published by William Watson 89 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +4 votes | 4 comments
Shyness can hold people back from reaching their full potential. It affects millions of people. How can you overcome shyness?
Published by Roland Millward 102 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +13 votes | 4 comments
Fear or phobia is something which is more susceptible to young children than adults. The common ones being, fear of darkness, strangers, sounds, heights and so on.
Published by revuu 104 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +10 votes | 3 comments
Through studies, it has been estimated that 1 in 10 people are affected by a fear of the number 13. Here we will look at some of the history behind the fear of the number 13
Published by Alistair Briggs 106 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +6 votes | 3 comments
What causes stage fear? Why is stagefear caused? What are the steps to overcome stage phobia? How can you get rid of stagefear very easily? It is not that hard phobia to overcome unlike snake phobia. Practice makes man perfect. This suits well for getting rid of stagefear. Presentations can actually help develop your personality. Giving several presentations can actually help induce confidence in your.
Published by Lavanya P M 83 months ago in Phobias & Fears | +4 votes | 2 comments
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